Current Puppies

Litter #1

Brutus, m.

Brutus was one of the first pups to earn his name. He was first out of the chute and is usually the first to the dinner bucket. He will be a large dog with a lab face like his daddy, but he already has longer, fluffier hair. He even has a little beard and mustache to go with his bushy eyebrows! Brutus will be a dominant personality, but he is a little lover. He calms quickly when given attention and loves to tug.

Garth, m.


Garth has the softest, longest hair of all the pups. He has a very laid-back outlook, willing to watch the rumble for a while before joining in. He still enjoys a good chase and wrestling with anyone or anything. When startled or scared, he runs to bury his head wherever he can. How I wish he were a female.

Boy Blue, m.


BOY BLUE - (M) dark blue collar. He is a sweetheart who loves to be held. He has a soft coat, mixed with longer hairs and a wider, lab face. When he needs to “go” he works really hard to find the papers, but sometimes his aim is a little off. 

Sassy, f.


Sassy was the other pup that earned her name before her eyes were even open. She is very alert and is the first and the last to watch the door for action. She is very fearless and daring. The first day out of the pool, she was already climbing on top of the cinder-blocks and working her way back down without even crying. She has the softest,  creamiest short fur and the brightest Lab eyes of the bunch.

Frassy, f.


Frassy is the other half of “Sassy Frass”. These two are almost identical in looks and temperament. They were the first to discover “under the couch”. They are the first ones to the gate to greet me. Even though they are not the largest pups, they certainly pack the most energy into the group.

Lil' Lady, f.


Just like her name suggests, Lil' Lady is a total sweetheart. Docile with a soft coat and a mix of longer hair. She loves to snuggle and will just melt into your arms much like her momma likes to do. She will still take time to play rough with the guys and can hold her own, though. Looks like she will have a Lab face. She has also learned that “under the couch” saves her from going “to kennel” for a while.

Sweetie Pie, f.


She is the daintiest of the girls. She will probably have a more poodle-like stature. Her coat will probably be the curliest, but still not poodle-curly.